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How Do I Use My Balloons Once I Receive Them?

Posted by Jessica Campbell on

When we started developing the idea of opening an online balloon company the most common question that we were asked was, "how are people supposed to use these balloons if they don't come with helium?"

Well first, I think it important to explain why we don't fill the balloons we ship from our website.  

1) Helium filled balloons float (air time) for anywhere between 12 hours to 3 weeks depending on the quality of the helium, type of balloon, elevation, and weather/climate.  It is hard to predict when someone will need their balloons, and if they do fill them with helium we want them to get the maximum float time possible.  The best way to do that is to fill them locally.

2) Filled balloons are victim to physics.  The balloon walls can only contain a limited amount of pressure, and if the pressure becomes too great, the balloon will pop.  When balloons are shipped they will go through a variety of different elevations.  The pressure from the elevation changes will either burst the balloon or the pressure will decrease so that the balloon looks deflated.  Short answer, filled balloons do not travel well.

So, if you order a fantastic balloon bouquet online, what do you do with them once you get them?  

Before you Begin: You will need to decide if you would like them to float or if you will affix them to a surface.

* If you would like them to float you will need to find a local retailer that sells helium.  Most people will find luck sourcing helium at: party stores, florist shops, grocery stores, dollar stores, etc.  We always advise that you call around your local area first in order to make sure you find a reliable retailer that will fill your balloons.

Then you may ask: can't I just use a disposable helium tank?  Short answer, maybe.  Foil balloons have an internal film valve that traps the helium/air in the balloon without having to heat seal them closed.  This film can easily be damaged by the rubber valves on disposable tanks.  It is critical that rubber tips are never inserted into the valve of a foil balloon.  Latex balloons on the other hand are very durable, and they can be filled with a disposable tank with ease.

* If you would like to hang, tape, string, etc. the balloons to a solid surface you can fill the balloons with air.  Again, we must take care to not break the film valve inside the foil balloons.  Further, you will find that you cannot simply put the valve to your lips and blow.  So, we have found that a milk shake straw does the trick.  Find yourself a thick straw and gently insert the straw into the foil valve.  Then you can use a pump (highly recommended) or your own air and fill the balloon until it is firm with pressure to the touch.  Remove the straw and viola!  The balloon is sealed and ready to decorate with.  Air filled balloons are very versatile and they are eco friendly (aka. they don't float away and disrupt nature).

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